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What Is an E-Collar for Dogs? All You Need to Know

Emily parker

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Seeing my love for pet dogs since my childhood, my grandfather gifted me one. He was beautiful and mighty. I named him Jack. Unfortunately, he was untrained and my grandfather left that responsibility to me.  Jack was very difficult to handle and so nasty. He made noise 24/7 and ran over other people’s pets. One time, he almost destroyed my neighbor’s lawn. 

Jack was my first dog so I had no idea how to train him. But my neighbor Sam had one. He recommended me an e-collar that could be used to train such un-disciplined creatures like Jack. You won’t believe it worked so well and trained that vile Jack.

If Jack can get on track then surely your dog can also. So if your dog is not behaving well and you are facing any difficulty in training it then all you need is an e-collar. It will definitely train your dog as you will, and I fully recommend you use it for the best results. 

What Is an E-Collar?

What is an E Collar for Dogs

An E collar(also known as a Shock collar or dog training collar) is an electronic collar that is used in dog training. It was first used in the 1970s to shock dogs for their behavior modification.  Sometimes dogs suffer from anxiety become too rigid to handle, and show bad behavior that’s why some people prefer using electronic collars to train their dogs.

E collar uses electric stimulation which feels like a vibration wave rather than a shock. It targets the neck muscles of a dog, and its stimulation can be controlled at levels ranging from 1 to 100.

These waves do not cause any pain to your dog but they may cause a little discomfort.

It is the same as a standard strap for a dog but it has metal wires attached to it with a small transmitter.  The waves flow through the metal wires. It is controlled by a handy remote which controls the level of stimulation. It helps your dog to understand good and bad behavior. 

How Do Dog E-Collars Function?

How E Collar works?

An electronic collar has two main parts a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter is the handy remote and the receiver is attached to the collar which responds to the signals.

The remote is used to give commands as required, such as tone, shock, and vibration. Electric shock collars were considered cruel somehow but they are not cruel if they are used properly. The remote has different features to control different behaviour.

E-collar technologies are becoming vast. Some new models also have a feature that prepares your dog for electrical stimulation and helps better train your dog. Before giving waves to your dog, it is better to test it yourself

Benefits of Dog E-Collars

Dog e-collars have many potential benefits. They provide a way to interact with the dog and reinforce desired behaviors. E-collars can act as a safety measure, especially in situations where a dog may be at risk of running into dangerous areas or traffic.

They enable remote control, allowing owners to manage their dog’s behavior remotely. A shock collar must always be used responsibly and with proper instructions.

They can provide consistent and immediate feedback to the dog, helping them understand desired behaviors. E-collars can also be useful for off-leash training, allowing owners to hold on and ensure the dog’s safety. 

 In addition, e-collar use can be a helpful tool for dogs with certain behavioral issues such as excessive barking or chasing. However, it is important to remember that e-collar(shock collar) should always be used responsibly and with proper training to ensure the dog’s well-being.

Training dog with E Collar

Drawbacks of Dog E-Collars

Incorrect or misuse of an e-collar can cause the dog to become uncomfortable or even in pain. This can lead to negative associations, which can cause fear or anxiety in the dog. It is important to recognize that e-collars may not address the causes of bad behavior.

They may provide only temporary compression without addressing the neurological issue. To ensure the well-being and emotional well-being of our dog, the responsible use of e-collars with proper training and instructions is essential.

Shock collars have drawn considerable criticism due to their potential flaws. The main concern is the ethics and welfare of the nasty methods of raising dogs. An electric collar delivers electrical impulses or vibrations, which can cause dogs distress, pain, and anxiety.

This can lead to unintended bad behavior such as fear, aggression, and distrust. Improper use of electric shock collars, such as using excessive force or operating without proper training, can cause these problems.

Additionally, a focus on negative reinforcement rather than positive reinforcement cannot develop a strong bond between a dog and its owner. For these reasons, many animal welfare organizations and experts suggest an alternative training method that prioritizes the dog’s emotional well-being.

Reasons To Try E-Collars for Dogs

If you are reading this article then you must be very concerned regarding your dog’s training and might be thinking of considering an e-collar for it.

Here are some reasons Why you should go for an Electronic collar for your dog’s training.

  • Remind your dog of commands he already knows
  • Improved Communication
  • Help your dog behave better when Stressed and Distracted.
  • Control your dog’s On-leash and Of-leash behavior better
  • Give your dog more freedom
  • Provide more opportunities for your Dog to enjoy life

Remind Your Dog of Commands He Already Knows

The command your dog may already knows is “sit”, “stay”,” come”, and “down”. If you are at a distance from your dog and cannot directly communicate with your dog then using an E-collar is a better choice as it can reinforce command by giving a mild stimulation of shock. 

There are some other advanced commands such as “leave it”, “drop it”, and “wait”. E-collar can help you train your dog, impulse control, and overall obedience. 

Improved Communication

Generally, dogs communicate through body language and behaviours. They use different postures to express their feeling and emotions for example they growl or floor and bark.

By using an E-collar, you can improve your dog’s communication, control them from a distance, and get their attention easily with a mild vibration. It is a better and easier way to train your dog in a short period of time. 

Help Your Dog Behave Better When Stressed and Distracted

Sometimes your dog gets distracted and stressed, To control your dog’s behaviour, an E-collar is a better choice as you can control your dog by giving a little buzz. 

When you are in a rush place it is normal for your dog to get distracted, so by using an e-collar, it is easy to get its attention back. 

Control Your Dog’s On-Leash and Of-Leash Behaviour Better

E collar controls Dog Behaviour

E-collars can help you control your dog’s on and off-leash behavior. Sometimes it gets difficult to control your dog especially when it is your first time training a dog. They can help you establish a better relationship with your dog.

Barking, jumping, and running after other animals are some of the off-leash behaviours that you can control by using e-collars. You can simply reinforce commands on your dogs and it can also help you change your dog’s unwanted habits

Give Your Dog More Freedom

By using E-collars humanly and consistently, your dogs can learn to respond to your command without being on a leash. It will give more freedom to your dogs as they will learn to behave properly without a leash.

 E-collars ensure the safety of the dogs and provide a calm environment and the freedom they deserve.

Provide More Opportunities for Your Dog To Enjoy Life

With the use of E-collars, your dog gets trained very effectively and behaves well without your presence as well, which gives more opportunities for your dog to enjoy its life.

 A trained dog knows the rules that he is expected to follow understands the command effectively and is happier compared to others. 

Tips for Buying an E-Collar

  • Before buying an e-collar for your dog, you should do research on it and decide what suits your budget.
  • You should read all the instructions mentioned on an E-collar.
  • You should get all the information regarding it, including how to use the remote and its tuning for better functioning.
  • The most important thing is to determine whether your dog needs an e-collar or not. If your dog can be trained without an e-collar then you should do it yourself.
  • When you start using an e-collar, start it from the lowest level of shock. 

Alternatives of E-Collars

  • Head Halter
  • Flat or Rolled collar
  • Front-clip and Back-clip harness

Head Halter

Leash, Head Halter and Rolled Collar

Trying to train your dog to walk nicely on a leash? Try Head Halter. Sometimes dogs start running ahead of you, in this case, a Head Halter works best.

 They should be used with proper guidance otherwise it can be very dangerous for your dog.

Flat or Rolled Collar

Flat or Rolled collars are affordable alternatives to e-collars. However, using flat or rolled collars requires a lot of care and attention. 

But I will not recommend flat or rolled collars if you can afford e-collars. Flat coolers are narrow and thin which can cause rashes on your dog’s neck. Also, they can hurt your dog’s neck very badly.

Front-Clip and Back-Clip Harness

Front-clip and Back-clip harnesses are a very popular choice for dog owners who don’t want to use an E-collar. A front-clip harness is located on the front of the leash while a back-clip harness is located on the back. Their design allows you to have a lot more control over your dog. 


1. Is an e-collar the same as a shock collar?

An e-collar is typically used as a less harsh term for a shock collar, but both function by delivering electric shocks to dogs. The purpose and mechanism of both collars remain the same, despite the different names used.

2. Are e-collars cruel?

E-collars can be cruel if they are not used properly. Excessive shock can cause psychological distress including touch phobias in your dog. Instructions for e-collars should be followed properly to train your dog.


 An e-collar is an electronic collar used to train dogs. It is a very effective way to train your dogs and also very easy. It should be used by following proper instructions otherwise it can be dangerous for your dog’s mental health. It should be used humanely and it’s better to try it in yourself first. there are many features in an e-collar that can help you train your dog better. 

Everything has some benefits and drawbacks, and at the same time so does an E-collar. If an e-collar is used properly then it is great for your dog but if it is used excessively and on a high scale then it can cause damage. 

There are many reasons you should try an e-collar, such as because it is very easy to use and very effective. It can be very helpful in forming a great bond between you and your dog. For everything, there are many alternatives. Alternatives for E-collars, such as Head halters, Collars, and Harnesses are not as good and effective as an e-collar. 



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