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Hey, cynophiles! Looking for a perfect collar for your dog? You definitely landed on the right article.  If you chose the Fi dog collar then surely you will get the most authentic Fi collar review and hopefully get satisfied after reading this piece.

Choosing a perfect collar for your dog is very important as it is identified with it. We all want our pets to remain safe and in front of our eyes but sometimes it is not possible to keep an eye on your dog 24/7 because we have to work and have many other stuff to do so we can’t look at him all the time.

For this situation, Fi smart dog collar has made our task easier as it has a GPS tracker in it and we can locate our dog anytime and we don’t need to be with the dog 24/7. Fi collar is the best thing you will ever get for your dog’s safety.

Before we dive into the detailed Fi dog collar review let’s check some basics of the latest model of Fi dog collar. What is it and how does it work?

What is the Fi Series 3 Model Dog Tracking Collar?

The Fi series 3 Model Dog Tracking Collar is a device that is designed with a GPS tracker which allows the dog owner to monitor their dog’s location and activity. 

GPS dog tracking capacity is the best feature of the Fi collar. It allows you to see the exact location of your dog whether the dog is a few meters away or miles. 

Fi series Dog Collar is associated via a smartphone app, you can see the pinpoint location of your dog and the standout is that you can set a virtual fence for your dog. If it crosses the set boundaries then you’ll get notified instantly. This tractive GPS feature is very helpful if your dog tries to escape or run far away while playing. it also gives you a record of your dogs steps.

This collar has an outstanding battery life as it can last up to 3 months on a single charge. In this way, you will not need to worry about its constant charging. It is also water resistant so your pet can easily wear it while playing in water or mud.

Apart from the Fi tracker, it also has a health monitoring feature which tells you the activity and exercise level of your pet according to its age and breed, this helps you to keep track of your dog’s health.


So if you want to keep an eye on your pet and a hold on its activity then you should surely get a Fi collar series 3. 

Features of Fi Dog Tracking Collar

  • Tracking

The main feature of the Fi dog tracking collar is its tractive GPS(fi GPS), the GPS tracking feature gives you the exact pinpoint location of your dog and notifies you instantly if they cross the boundaries you have set for them using its lost dog mode(pet tracker).

  • Sleep Tracking

Sleep tracker monitors the sleep schedule of your dog, it is very helpful in keeping track of their health issues and behavioural changes via fi app.

  • Size

The fi collar series 3 dog collar comes in various sizes and colours for dogs of every size and breed. It is very important to choose the right size for your dog’s neck to ensure their comfort and well-being.

  • Colour and Design

Fi smart collar comes in many colours and designs so you can customise it accordingly to suit your dog’s personality.

  • Waterproof Rating

The Fi collar is waterproof so your pet dogs can enjoy the rain and play in the water for as long as they want and still, the collar will remain fully functional.

  • Battery

Fi GPS dog collar has an outstanding battery life which can last up to 3 months or more on a single charge which makes it super easy for dog owners as they don’t have to worry about frequent charging. 

  • The App

The Fi collar is associated with a smartphone app which is the main source where you will get all alerts about your dog’s location and other activities.

How is Fi Collar Different From Other Collars?

Dog With FI collar

The Fi collar is different from other collars because of its exceptional features and capabilities. The traditional collars just serve identification purposes but the Fi GPS collar has introduced a new way of keeping track of our dog and ensuring its security and well-being.

The real-time GPS is the game changer as it allows the dog owner to view the pinpoint location of their dog anytime. It is the best tool for avoiding the distressing situation of your lost dog.

Finding your dog without a GPS tracker can cause so much tension but with a Fi collar, you need not to worry about your dogs location.

The Fi app associated with the Fi dog collar helps you to create boundaries for your pet, unlike other regular collars. Your dog is protected by these virtual limits, which transmit immediate notifications if he ventures outside of a predetermined region. It is best for activity tracking of your dogs activity. 

Other collars need battery replacement or charging every week or two but the Fi dog collar series 3 lasts up to 3 months on a single charge which makes it different from other collars.

Its durability is worth considering because it does not get damaged due to any activity or water play by your pet.

The app can also help you get in a community with other dog owners using Fi dog collars so you can share your experiences and tips, this feature is not available in any other collar except Fi collar.

It has the best features among other collars and it is best for your dog’s safety so as a dog parent I will surely recommend it.


Fi collar is a special dog collar that helps you keep track of your dog’s activities and its health. It is very different from other collars as it keeps a record of your dog’s location and updates the app instantly. You can set a safe zone for your pet and the app will inform you if your pet gets out of that zone.

Additionally, it has a very long-lasting battery which relaxes you from frequent charging. It gives you a sleep track of your dog which tells you about your dog’s health.

Its quality is outstanding as it does not get damaged with water exposure or outdoor play, and it is water-resistant. It connects you with other Fi users so you can help each other in finding a lost dog.

Ultimately, if you want to keep your pet dog safe and sound, Fi collar is the best choice for you and your lovely dog.


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