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Best Bark Collar for Small Dogs

Emily parker

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Hey, if you are looking for the best bark collars for small dogs then you have clicked on the right article.

I have made this list as per my experiences with bark collars on small dogs. Dogs are our very cute little companions and they are our best friends especially when you are a Cynophile like me.

“Dogs are better than human beings because they know but do not tell.” – Emily Dickinson, poet of Hope is the Thing with Feathers

This quote from Emily is my favourite because I can relate to it very much, I share everything with my dogs that I can’t share with anyone else because my secrets are safe with my cute little puppies.  

But sometimes when your cute little friend starts replying to you, it’s cute until it results in excessive barking and it gets annoying and sometimes we start losing interest in them. 

Everything has a solution, and So does excessive barking,(Keep in mind not to use a bark collar for your dog if it is younger than Six Months) Barking collar has made it easy for pet owners to control excessive barking and I am sure after reading this article you will be able to select the perfect bark collar for your cute little dog.

So let’s dig into it…

Best Bark Collars for Small Dogs

Pet Safe Elite Little Dog Spray Bark Collar (PBC00-11283)

Type: Citronella collars (Spray Collar)

The Pet Safe Elite Little Dog Spray Bark Collar is the best dog bark control collar for small dogs and a very trusted brand as it helps to control the excessive barking of your tiny dog ensuring its safety and well-being.

The core functionality of this collar is its spray technology; it automatically detects excessive barking and emits a brief burst of citronella-scented spray on your dog’s jaw. Your dog will get distracted due to that scent and will stop barking immediately.

Over time many dogs stop excessive barking because they have in mind that if they bark then citronella will be sprayed and they do not like its scent. You can also refill the citronella if it is finished.

You can customize the collar as per your requirements as it allows you to tune your collar according to your dog’s barking habits.

It is very comfortable as it is designed specifically for small dogs so it’s very lightweight and ensures a proper fit for your dog’s little neck. It has a long Battery life and it’s waterproof too, your dog can easily play in the water while wearing it and it will not get damaged.

Before using it you should check the user manual for operating it.

Pros :  

  • It provides adjustable sensitivity
  • It has a long battery life
  • It is waterproof
  • Citronella can be easily refilled
  • It has an Automatic safety mechanism
  • it is the Best Citronella Bark Collar


  • Citronella needs to be refilled regularly which can be costly sometimes.

Citronella is the safest method for bark training but if your dog barks excessively and won’t stop with it then you should have a look at the next collar that offers Statis Simulation. 

BP-504 Bark Less Pro Anti Bark Collar by E-Collar Technologie

Type: Static simulation Collar

Bark Collar for Small Dogs

The BP-504 Bark less Pro Anti Bark Collar by E-Collar Technologies is a very effective and advanced solution to stop the excessive barking of small dogs. This bark collar offers a very humane and effective way of reducing unwanted barking and also ensures the comfort of your furry little friend.

It has intelligent and precise bark-sensing technology. Unlike traditional anti-bark collars which rely on sound sensors, it has a microprocessor-based sensor that detects your dog’s barking behaviour effectively.  It has the best cutting-edge technology that distinguishes between other types of sounds and your dog’s barking, which reduces the risk of false corrections.

It has multiple stimulation modes which allow you to customize the correction according to your dog’s needs and temperament. It has three main correction modes 1. Vibration 2. Stimulation 3. A combination of both 

The Vibration mode gives a gentle and non-invasive interruption and the Stimulation mode gives static corrections with adjustable intensity levels.

The best and my favourite feature of BP-504 is that it differentiates between intentional and unintentional barking. 

For example, if your dog is barking with joy or playing then it will not get activated but if your dog barks aggressively then it will target the excessive barking.

It has a very great safety feature which is ” progressive Correction” mode. It starts with a low intensity and gradually increases if your dog continues to bark.

It is a rechargeable bark collar with a very long-lasting battery so you don’t need to change it frequently, It is waterproof so your pet can enjoy water play.

It is very comfortable for your dog and it also has an LCD screen and buttons for customization.

Pros :

  • It has Advanced Bark-Sensing Technology with microprocessor-based sensor system
  • It has customizable correction modes 
  • It is waterproof and has the best safety features
  • No need for frequent battery change

Cons :

  • It requires regular charging which may be inconvenient for some pet owners.

Static simulation is very safe if you use it with proper guidance but if you think it may be crucial for your pet then check out the next collar which gives a mild vibration and is best for its correction modes.

Pet Safe Vibration Bark Collar (PBC00-12789)

Type: Vibration collar 

The Pet safe Vibration Bark Collar is a very innovative dog training collar which is designed to control excessive barking in small dogs. Its main focus is on the comfort and well-being of your little dog.

The central feature of the Pet Safe Vibration bark collar is its vibration-based correction mechanism. 

When your dog barks too much, it corrects it with a very gentle vibration that is both safe and non-invasive for your small dog.

The vibration interrupts the barking behaviour, which encourages your dog to reduce their vocalizations.

One of the key advantages of this collar is that it is versatile and suitable for dogs of every size.

Its strap is very adjustable and comfortable. It is also very lightweight so your small dog will not get irritated.

It has several customizable settings with TEN different vibration levels which allow you to adjust the vibration according to your dog’s temperament.

It is very easy to operate and has a replaceable lithium-ion battery which is very long-lasting. It also has indication lights which show when the battery needs to be replaced.

Pros : 

  • It has a progressive and vibration-based correction
  • It is versatile and comes in different neck sizes
  • It turns off automatically to avoid over-correction
  • It is very comfortable and easy to operate

Cons :

  • The battery needs to be replaced frequently

Our next collar also offers static stimulation and is the best-known dog collar for treating excessive barking in small dogs.

Sport Dog SBC-R No Bark Collar

Type: Static Stimulation Collar

 Dog Wearing Bark Collar

The Sport Dog SBC-R No Bark Collar is a very effective and highly advanced solution to control excessive barking in small dogs. It is built by Sport Dog which is a very reputable brand, known for its quality and innovation in the field of accessories for dog training. 

This collar eases the dog owner with extreme dog barking by effectively controlling it.

Its main functionality is its sophisticated bark-sensing technology. It works with a combination of sound and vibration sensors that detect your dog’s behaviour automatically.

This dual-sensor minimizes the risk of false correction which can be caused by environmental noises.

The Sport Dog SBC-R No Bark Collar has three main correction modes: 1. static stimulation, 2. vibration, 3. Tone

Its static stimulation mode offers 10 adjustable levels which allows you to customize the intensity according to your dog’s temperament and the severity of their barking behaviour. The vibration mode works as a gentler alternative while the tone is a non-invasive correction which may be very effective for some dogs.

Its unique Silent Partner™ technology is the standout feature of this collar. It allows the collar to filter all external noises and only respond to dogs barking sounds. It has a built-in shut-off feature that prevents over-correction and makes sure that your dog is treated fairly.

It is very easy to use and has a replaceable and rechargeable battery and it’s also very comfortable to carry and light in weight.


  • It has a dual-sensor system with Sophisticated Bark Sensing Technology.
  • It offers customizable correction modes.
  • It comes with Silent Partner™ Technology which filters external noise and only focuses on your dog’s barking sound.
  • It has a built-in safety shut-off and safety timeout feature which prevents overcorrection.


  • The collar’s effectiveness can vary according to your dog’s behaviour.
  • It requires regular maintenance and recharging.

The last one offers citronella spray which is the safest method as i have mentioned before. Do check it!

Citronella Bark Collar for Small Dogs

Type: Citronella collars

The Citronella Bark Collar for Small Dogs is a very gentle and easy-to-use device that is used for the bark training of your small dogs. It effectively deters the unwanted barking of your dog, ensuring its comfort.

Its main function is the use of Cornella spray, which is a natural and harmless substance that is derived from citrus plants. When your little furry friend barks too much, the collar emits a burst of Citronella spray, which creates a mildly unpleasant scent that stops your dog from barking and distracts it.

(Citronella is non-toxic and completely safe for small dogs)

The Citronella Bark Collar is designed keeping small dogs in mind, which ensures a secure and comfortable fit. It comes with an adjustable strap that fits every neck size. It is very lightweight and allows your dog to move and play freely.

 This collar is very easy to operate, and it does not require any extensive training. Citronella spray can be refilled when the spray cartridge gets empty. It also has an automatic shut-off function that prevents overcorrection.


  • Citronella bark collars are the safest correction method for small dogs.
  • It is specially designed for little necks of small dogs and is very adjustable.
  • It has the best safety mechanism and citronella spray can be refilled as well.


  • This collar depends on batteries so it may cause difficulty for some pet owners to change its battery.

All the collars mentioned above are the best-reviewed Bark collars and are also used by me personally. I try a new brand every time for my dogs to get experience and these were the best of all and you will love them too.

How Does a Bark Collar Function?

A bark collar works by detecting a dog’s excessive barking, and then it corrects it by interrupting the dog in different ways.

It uses different sensors, which include sound sensors and vibration detectors, to recognise the dogs barking and then correct it by different means such as vibration, sound, or static stimulation to discourage excessive barking.

 The correction stops immediately when the dog stops barking. Some collars have a progressive correction, which slowly increases the intensity if your stubborn dog persists, which makes your dog stop barking.

How to Choose the Right Bark Collar?

There are several important factors to consider while choosing a bark collar. Here are some steps that will help you buy the right one for your small dog.

  • Types of Bark Collars

Bark collars come in different variations such as:

  • Static Collars (Shock Collars)

These collars work by delivering a mild electrical shock to your dog when they bark excessively. It has an adjustable intensity which can be set according to your dog’s temperament.

  • Citronella Collars (Spray Collars)

Citronella collars work by spraying a burst of citronella on your dog’s nose and jaw which they find a little bit unpleasant and will stop barking. Citronella is very safe for your small dog and it’s one of the best options for bark control.

  • Sound Collars

Sound collars work by emitting high-pitched sounds which may not be audible to humans, it discourages the dog by interrupting their barking pattern.

  • Vibration Collars

Vibration collars work by a gentle vibration to interrupt barking. When the dog barks excessively, it gives a mild vibration which discourages the dog to bark.

  • Size

Make sure the collar is appropriate for your dog and it fits your dog’s neck and breed.

Properly check the adjustability of the collar, it should not be too tight as it can cause difficulties in breathing.

  • Distraction

You should understand the cause of your dog’s excessive barking, this can help you choose the right collar for your small dog.

You should consider any outside distraction because it might reduce the collar’s effectiveness.

  • Durability

If your dog likes to play outside or in water, then you should choose a collar that is waterproof and durable.

  • Price

Bark collars come in different price ranges, so you should set a budget and then look for a collar that meets your needs. Collars with price may offer more features.

  • Intensity Settings

Choose a collar that has adjustable intensity settings. This allows you to set it as per your dog’s temperament and barking severity.


Is It Ok if You Put on a Bark Collar Overnight?

It depends on the type of collar you are using. Some collars that use light correction modes such as Citronella, Sound or vibration can be worn overnight but Static collars should not be worn overnight as they are uncomfortable for your small pet. 

You can check check the user manual for the time duration set by the manufacturer, it varies from brand to brand.

However, it is not a good practice to leave the bark collar overnight because your dog needs peaceful sleep and the collar can cause discomfort for it. A dog bark collar should be used under supervision to avoid any distress. 

Can We Use Bark Collars on Adult Dogs?

Yes, you can use bark collars on an adult dog. Bark collars are often used as training equipment to control excessive barking in dogs.

Territorial instincts, anxiety or learned behaviour can be a reason for excessive barking in your large dog and it can be cured by using the right bark training collar according to your dog’s temperament.

It should only be used as a correction, not for punishment.

Always keep your dog’s safety and well-being as your first priority. 


Selecting the Best Bark Collar for your dog is a very important decision, which requires proper research. Your first priority should be your dog’s comfort and well-being.

There are many different bark collars that contain static to cornella, sound, and vibration collars that are made to accommodate different dog temperaments.

While buying a collar size, should be double-checked and the collar should be adjustable so it can fit your dog if its size increases. You should prioritize your dog’s safety and choose a collar with the best safety mechanism.

Every collar suits a different temperament. Choose a collar whose intensity is customizable so you can set it according to your dog’s needs. Make sure it is waterproof so your little friend can enjoy water activities and outdoor play. 

Different collars provide different features and you already have gone through the best, so make a decision keeping your dog’s preferences and well-being in mind.


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